6 Secrets Of Kiddos Who Rarely Get Sick

6 Secrets Of Kiddos Who Rarely Get Sick

Let’s face it, if your kiddo is in child care, chances are pretty likely that’ll they’ll bring some sort of winter bug home. A cold or the flu are just two of the many different illnesses that are going around right now, but did you know that there are ways to prevent your child from getting sick at child care? With that being said, you probably know one or two kids that seem to never get sick. How do they do it? Below are 6 secrets of kids who rarely get sick.

  1. They keep their hands clean. Kids who have great hand hygiene are far less likely to come down with a cold. Their immune systems can stay strong by washing off germs on a regular basis. Getting your kid to regularly wash their hands will dramatically reduce the risk of passing of gastrointestinal and respiratory illness, so make sure you get your kids in the habit!
  2. Keep your child active! Although we’re always active at child care in Plymouth, studies have shown that children who experience daily moderate exercise drastically reduce the number of flu and cold episodes that occur over the course of a single calendar year from 25%-50%! So find an activity that both you and your child will enjoy doing together. Try going for a hike, walking the dog or going to the playground to run off some energy.
  3. Get plenty of ZZZs. Sleep can deprive your body from maintaining a strong immune system. Keep your kid’s white blood cell count high and healthy by making sure they stick to an early bedtime. Sleep deprivation can double the risk of coming down with a cold. So read a good bedtime story and send your child off into a dream state they’ll enjoy every night!
  4. Kids who avoid touching their face are less likely to come down with the flu or the common cold. Flu and cold viruses enter the body through the mouth, eyes and nose, so if your child avoids touching their face as much as they can, they’re likelihood of getting sick reduces. We understand that this can be a troubling feat to accomplish, which is why hand washing is so important.
  5. Consume a healthy and well-balanced diet. Kids who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables will have stronger immune systems. Foods that are rich in vitamin D and vitamin C are great for boosting and keeping your child’s immune system strong, but yogurt’s active cultures also help to build your immune system’s defense even more.
  6. They get the flu vaccine! Children who get the flu vaccine every year rarely come down with the flu virus. In fact, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that it’s the single best way to prevent your child from coming down with the flu!

What are you waiting for? Give your child the tools and advice they need to become as healthy as possible and enroll your kiddo in child care in Plymouth today!

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