Awaken All 5 Sense with Your Toddler’s Food

Awaken All 5 Sense with Your Toddler’s Food

snackDaycare and preschool are very much the time where children begin to develop their social skills and gain comfort with their capabilities. We see children begin to understand depth perception and determine what types of food they do and don’t like, and these things can be done through a variety of practices in and out of the classroom. While we love being able to awaken the senses of your child in the classroom, it’s impossible to deny the importance that doing so outside of the classroom remains. If you’re looking for fun ways that you can dive into the mind of your child to further develop their learning abilities, one of the best ways to do this is through their senses. One of the tools that we believe every family should be using to awaken sense in the home is food, because it provides more than just a delicious taste!

Here are the ways that we suggest vitalizing the senses.


Food is composed with so many colors. From the vibrant colors of vegetables to the different types of food coloring that are added to sweets, there are definitely a few ways that you can use the colors of food to open up the sense of your child. Incorporating these vibrant foods into tasks that involve your child, for instance having them watch you eat vegetables, awakens their visual senses in practicing the same act. It’s always great to use these brightly colored foods as a way to learn and remember colors too!


Along with colors, foods all have variant textures. Allow for your toddler to play around with their food a little, so that they can gain a better understanding of what different textures feel like and how they differ. As children grow up, they move forward from a bland and puree based diet, so it’s great to start incorporating these different textures prior to them chewing away on them.


Let your child experience a variety of smells in the food that they play with. Adding in sweet fruits and salty, seasoned crackers provides them with a variance in smells. This is especially the case if you begin to add herbs to the food that they’re enjoying or playing with. One of the best ways to go ahead and do this is through crackers that have these seasons baked into them or bread that has some of these different flavors added into them.


With the variety of textures comes a variety of sounds. As your child enjoys different types of food, allow for the crunches and slurps of the food to be taken into account. One of the best examples foodof this is spaghetti. The slurping of the noodles is one that children find amusing and can relate to the dish that they’re eating. Aside from that, the crunch of carrots and crackers make for great sound awakening foods and squishy, juicy foods like grapes and peaches also add quite a bit to the sense of sound.


It goes without saying that playing with food awakens your child’s sense of taste. As they get older they will begin to experience foods that are delicious, which allows for them to then pick and choose which ones are their favorites. Adding sweet and salty foods not only adds to their sense of smell, but also to their sense of taste. Add a variety and see what types of foods they like, and which ones they’re just not a fan of. You may be surprised by what you find out in doing so.

Continue to enrich the mind of your child by providing them with activities and experiences that challenge them to gain a different understanding of what they’re going to continue to experience in life. These little lessons provide quite a bit of insight as to who they’ll become as they continue to grow.

Make sure to keep up with the Little Newtons blog so that you can learn new fun and exciting methods and techniques that will help your child grow. We can’t wait to share with you the different areas that we like to work with. For more information on how we utilize your child’s senses in the classroom, call the Little Newtons daycare in Plymouth.

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