Valentine’s Day Lovebug Craft

Valentine’s Day Lovebug Craft

Crafts with kids are a great way to connect as a family. Previously, we gave you the ingredients and first few steps needed to create an edible lovebug with your kiddos! Brought to you by Little Newtons, the most trusted daycare in all of Champlin, here are the final steps to your lovebug’s heart.

After a few minutes, use the black edible marker to add a dot to two of the heart confetti sprinkles. These heart sprinkles are going to be your lovebug’s eyes. Then, take the end of the toothpick and dip it in a small amount of corn syrup and dab that onto the back of the candy heart. Adhere the hearts onto the marshmallow for the eyes! Now, add a red heart confetti sprinkle to the lower marshmallow as your lovebug’s heart. Lay your mallows to rest on the wax paper once again.

While the hearts are adhering to the marshmallows, cut two mini gum drops in half horizontally with the knife. Grab a small piece of spagetti (about one inch long), and use it as a skewer. Attach one end of the spaghetti to half of a gumdrop and attach it to the top of the lovebug’s head. Do this two times so your lovebug has antennas. Now, it’s time to take a large gumdrop and flatten it with the rolling pin. Dust it with granulated sugar as you roll it out to give it a sparkling effect. Cut out two mini hearts from the large flattened gumdrop and make another skewer as you did with the antennas. These gumdrop hearts are the wings to your lovebug. Attach the wings to your lovebug’s body in place of where arms would go. Once the wings are in place, bury the lollipop lovebug stick securely into the styrofoam block to dry.

Next? Enjoy looking at or eating your beautiful Valentine’s Day creation!

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