Provide Benefits To Your Child Through Reading

Provide Benefits To Your Child Through Reading

Reading is so important to your child. Whether you enjoy reading or not, giving your child 30 minutes to an hour of story time per day can help them achieve great power and knowledge as they grow older and mature. In fact, we believe that reading is so vital to your kiddos, that our child care providers do it daily! Previously, we mentioned some of the most influential benefits children can obtain; keep reading to learn more.

daycare maple groveReading to your child can give them the opportunity to obtain the following benefits:

  1. Children will be offered the opportunity to pick up on relationships, personalities, situations and also, what is good and bad within the world he lives. Moreover, reading a fantasy book to your child can help with free play as well as their imagination. Fairy tales through books can help your kid distinguish what is, and what’s not, real.
  2. There will be a time in your child’s life where their body, emotions and experiences will start to change. Reading them a story with a similar story will help to calm your child’s anxiety about how their growing in life, mentally and physically. For instance, if your child is not to fond of a new daycare you have enrolled them in, reading them the book I Love To Go To Daycare, written by Shelley Admont, may help ease their nerves and even get them excited to go!

Get your child excited about reading and excited about growing up!

With the help of our daycare professionals in Maple Grove, we know we can help your child get the benefits they need. Learn more from our professionals online now and stay tuned for our final blog about the benefits of reading: Reading Is Not a Chore, It’s a Habit!

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