The Big Difference Between Daycare & Preschool

The Big Difference Between Daycare & Preschool

preschoolThere are so many factors that go into how our children develop. Parents really come to term with this once they’ve had their first child, and at times it can take beyond the second and third to really gain an idea of what is beneficial for a child. At Little Newtons, we are always looking to improve our methods and techniques to the competitive expectations that life requires of individuals. In this challenge, we have perfect a curriculum that has allowed for us to enhance the learning experience that your child gets and the individual that they grow to become, but it can be difficult knowing what program is right for your child. We offer a selection of programs for you to enroll in, but here are a few of the key differences for you to be aware of when determining which of these programs are going to be the best fit.

Similarities Between the Two

While there are a few differences between preschool and daycare, we figured that we would start with the similarities. Because both of our programs focus on excellence and challenge education, there are quite a bit of similarities, but where they differ makes a difference too. Here are some of the most basic similarities.

  • Both challenge growth mentally and socially
  • Both will have your child in a group of children their age
  • The group with rarely be more than 20 children
  • Half and full day are options for both
  • A licensed professional providing around the clock care

A Breakdown of Daycare

Daycare is going to be the best option for children that are younger, this means children from 0 years to 2 years old. At times there are 2-year-olds that will be advanced enough to move on to preschool to continue to develop their skills. That being said, daycare is much more about providing care to children during the times where their primary caregiver is unable to. The time spent at daycare is going to be spent with activities that pass the time, rather than a lesson plan like preschool.

preschool2A Breakdown of Preschool

Preschool is going to be perfect for any children between the ages of 2 ½ and 5 to 6 years old. The preschool program at Little Newtons is built around a curriculum that is intended to provide these young students with the tools that they need to grow into the education system. That means that they will continue to use as they go into kindergarten and beyond. The lessons that they learn will vary in both the foundations of their education but also in the way that they develop socially. These programs are offered in both half day and full day options, depending on what your child is accustomed to and what you think will be best suited for them. We are an extremely competitive preschool in the curriculum that we have designed, and that is something that can provide your child with much more in the long run than a standard preschool that doesn’t draw focus to these aspects of a child’s life.

The programs that we offer prioritize your children and the things that they need to succeed. Learn more about the daycare and preschool curriculum that we offer at our facility and allow for us to provide you with a tour. We would be more than happy to give you a glimpse into what your child’s care would look like here at Little Newton’s daycare and preschool in Maple Grove. We can’t wait to see you stop by! As always make sure to keep up to date with our blog and see what other fun topics we’ll be covering in the weeks to come.

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