Prepare Your Child For Preschool With A Consistent Bedtime

Prepare Your Child For Preschool With A Consistent Bedtime

It can be difficult to prepare your child for preschool in Plymouth; however, if your kiddo is getting enough sleep, school the next day should be exciting and something that they are excited for. Our preschool program in Plymouth is one that many parents rave about, which is why we’re going to give you some tips on how you can put your child to bed without any fuss to prepare them for an awesome day at preschool!

  1. Stay away from sugary foods and drinks. Limiting your child’s food and drink consumption before bed is a good idea. Believe it or not, kiddos can have a hard time falling asleep after consuming a large meal or drinking a big beverage.
  2. Peace and quiet should take place after you eat dinner. Make sure your kiddo is avoiding stimulating activities, such as TV, video games or anything that may be stimulating to their brain. Use time after dinner to relax as a family. Listen to relaxing music, talk about each other’s day or grab a book and read.
  3. Your child should know when bedtime is going to take place, so give them advance notice. Let your child know when to expect bedtime, whether that’s an hour or five minutes away, it will help to put them in the right mindset and let them finish anything they’re currently doing.
  4. Make your kid’s room a place that they enjoy! Your kid’s room should be decorated to make them feel comfort, joy and relaxation. This place is theirs and it should be a place that they want to spend time in. With that in mind, make sure that the temperature is comfortable and that their clothes and blankets aren’t restricting any movement to keep them comfortable all night long.
  5. Don’t let your child watch TV or use any electronic devices, like a computer or tablet, before bedtime. Studies reveal that kids who have these electronic devices available to them in their room and before bedtime have a tendency to get less sleep than children who do not.
  6. Establish a bedtime routine. Kids love routines, so make sure that a relaxing bedtime routine is in place for them. Routines are enjoyable, and they’re manageable for kids. You should put aside about 30 minutes each night for your child to get ready for bed. This should include a bath, reading a book, cuddling and shutting off the lights.

We hope that the above tips on how to put your kiddo to bed can help your entire family prepare for the following day, especially your child who will be more than ready to take on a fun and adventurous day at preschool in Plymouth. Enroll with the leading preschool online today and contact us with any questions!

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