Strong Willed Child

Strong Willed Child

“Strong willed children are extra determined.”   When things don’t go as planned, they may be angry.  They may stomp their feet or shut down. Acknowledge they are frustrated.  Tell them that you understand they are mad.  They didn’t get what they wanted and sometimes in life that happens. Don’t give in to what they wanted but also brushing it off will not make the behavior stop.

“Strong willed children can be seen as bossy.”  They tell other children what to do, they may even tell their parents what to do.   Tell them how not everyone sees things the same way as they do and that is OK.  Tell them that everyone likes different things and that is also OK.  Take the opportunity to teach them appropriate manners and respect of others feelings.

“Strong willed children don’t listen.” It isn’t that they don’t listen or they don’t want to please people.  In their minds, they know what they want something to be like, look like or feel like. Give them choices.  Don’t argue with them (its not effective).  Offering them two choices, will channel their decision to the two choices offered to them and nothing else.

My youngest daughter is a strong willed child.  In her short six years on this planet, I have figured a lot about her.  If I tell her “I love you” instead of arguing with her when she is upset, she stops and listens.  I give her choices and coach her through life to make the best decisions.  I believe she will grow up to be a very strong leader, but in the meantime I need to make sure that she is headed down the right path.

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