Values, Excellence & Hard Work

Values, Excellence & Hard Work

Little Newtons has been an ever changing business.  We have modified the curriculum numerous times to ensure that our children are continuing to be challenged.  We have added languages, components of reading and handwriting.  It has been a lot of thought, research and hard work to make sure that we are constantly providing what we have set out to do.

Code of Excellence and Core Values:

About two years ago, we established the Code of Excellence and Core Values and have always had it as a training piece but never (because we were opening rooms or changing the lay out of our classrooms) did we find a way to really drive home those principles.

About a month ago we were able to set up the Start the Spark Program which allows for all employees of LN to nominate their co-workers on fulfilling the Mission, Philosophy, Code of Excellence and Core Values.  Each month, nominations are submitted and each quarter someone receives something awesome from the management: a trip for two to one of the 48 states.

Why?  Because it is ever challenging to not be focused on “your performance” and as a team and especially in this industry, we must all work together.  This is a fantastic way to notice other’s hard work and dedication to the program.

Today was the first day the nominations were due and it was AMAZING to see what other teachers saw, wrote about and passed on about their co-workers.  We are so excited to see this program lift off and look forward to many other events/engagement/ideas for our staff to continue to grow

Code of Excellence:

What is the Code of Excellence: It is what drives our mission. It is how we act and how we expect our staff to act. We are here to take care of children and should hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethics. *Setting the tone and image of the center: You as part of the team set the image of the center. Coming in to work each day, you are setting the image for the team. It is important to set a positive tone and image. Negativeness can bring down the classroom, children and overall morale.

*Consider your impact on one person to another: If you have a bad morning and bring it to work with you, it is very likely that the negativeness of your morning is going to carry over into your classroom. Over time, the staff and children will start to have negative effects. On a positive note—if you come in to work each day with a positive attitude and have a bright look on your day, the impact in your classroom is going to be a positive one.

*Demonstrates regular attendance and punctuality: People get sick and have to miss work. That is expected. When work is frequently missed; the center, the staff and the children are adversely affected. Well ran classrooms are a result of consistency. Consistency of staff and consistency of children. At all times; we are over staff for state ratio needs; however when there are numerous call outs (aside from those who are scheduled off) we have to ask people to stay late/come in early, etc. The people who consistently come to work, stay late, come in early, etc also get frustrated because their co-workers give them an extra burden. The teamwork breaks down further.

*Works efficiently but correctly: Rushing almost always results in mistakes: Take the time to do the job well and completely. Rushing to check something off the list, will just circle back around to having to do it again, correctly.

*Works confidently: Children, parents, other staff members see that you are confident and trust you. They trust that you will do what is best. It is important to ask questions when you don’t know/understand something so you can learn/grow.

*Performs as a leader: No matter what your position in this company is, you are a vital component. We need you to help deliver our mission and leadership skills are so important in the classroom, playground, interacting with parents, etc.

*Maintains the highest standard of Professional Behavior: Confidentiality, positive attitudes, bringing your issues directly to your supervisor instead of gossiping, all fall under this category. You are in charge of your behavior and choosing to be professional will result in a positive relationship with your co-workers, parents, children and your supervisors. Be truthful and kind…always.

*Inspires Passion: The “why” we are here is because we care about children and their welfare. We want what is best for them and we want them to feel respected and loved. That drives our passion. We must remind others around us the “why” we are here and inspire them to fulfill the mission every day!

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