Things That Sound Easy B.C. (Before Children)

Things That Sound Easy B.C. (Before Children)


Certain aspects of parenting sound like a walk in the park before you have kids of your own. It’s not until you’ve lived through them that you find out you were completely wrong. Let’s take a look at some of the absurd ideas we had B.C. (Before Children)…

Maternity Leave Maternity leave sounds like three months of sleeping in and hanging out B.C. Surely one little baby won’t take up all your days and nights, right? You won’t know how wrong you were until you are covered in spit up and puke and you learn what pulling an all-nighter truly means. What’s even better? You get to do it for weeks on end!

Sick Kids Staying home with a sick kid sounds like a bonus day off B.C. You wish you had kids of your own solely so you’d have an excuse to get out of work. But the first time you spend the day with a snotty, pukey and/or feverish little one you realize this is no vacation. Going to work would actually be much less work.

On-Time Arrivals B.C., arriving somewhere on time is a given. It’s polite, and really, how hard can it be? However, when you’re on someone else’s eating, sleeping and pooping schedule, punctuality becomes a long-lost dream. You’ll get there when you get there and everyone else will just have to live with it.

No Kids in Public Remember going to dinner and listening to the screaming kids at the next table? You thought to yourself that would never happen to your family. After all, a restaurant is no place for a baby or a toddler. Guess what – once you have a family, you realize you need to eat even when you don’t want to cook, so braving restaurants with kids in tow doesn’t sound like such a crazy idea.

Growing the Family “Siblings are so cute! I’ve already had one baby – how hard can it be to have two?” You say to yourself B.C. Then, when Baby #2 arrives, you quickly figure out that your workload doesn’t just double – it multiplies. You forget what the words “sitting down” and “relaxing” mean. The good news? You’ll get to rest again in about ten years!

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