Early education centers like Little Newtons have a fundamental impact on the success of children in and out of the classroom. They cultivate the minds of children of all ages and set them up for success both socially and academically when they enter primary and secondary school. Contact Little Newtons today to schedule a tour!

What do Early Education Centers Do?

Early education centers like Little Newtons work with young children to nurture their curiosity in a structured and goal-orientated environment. 

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How Early Education Centers Help Your Child

Early education has been proven to help children succeed both academically and socially by giving them a head start. The Little Newton early learning center ensures that your child will be learning a developmentally appropriate curriculum in a safe and loving environment.

Character Growth

More and more incoming kindergarteners are struggling to adapt to k-12 education — especially after Covid-19 kept them away from their peers. At Little Newtons, we understand that entering a “school setting” for the first time is challenging, and our loving team of teachers and staff are equipped with the emotional strategies to support your child as they transition.

We’re great believers in the growth mindset at Little Newtons, and we instill that in every one of our students. We know they can do great things. Talk to us today to give your child a head start.