Why are your rates so low (comparatively)?

We are not a large child care corporation or franchise.  We are founded on the desire to be the program that parents are looking for.  We all work very hard to provide an exceptional environment for all children.  Our Minnesota rates for infants (children are considered infants until 16 months for this rate), toddlers (children are toddlers from 16 months to 33 months),  preschool (must be potty trained for this rate), Kindergarten (must be 5 prior to Sept 1st).  Because we are required to obtain new Medical Forms (Immunizations and Health Care Summaries) for DHS; we will drop the rate with the above and when we receive the documents.

How is Little Newtons different from other daycare & child care centers?

Our curriculum sets us aside from other centers.  The things that are taught during the day is second to none.  We teach them Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, and American Sign Language; every day.  The themes of what they are learning changes each week.  Our preschool teachers teach our lesson plans in a fast paced, fun learning environment.  Aside from our Language curriculum, LN teaches children Math, Science, Art, Reading, and Encyclopedic Knowledge.  Our curriculum is based on the age above to ensure the children are challenged; for example, our toddler lessons are preschool based, our preschool is Kindergarten based, and our Kindergarten is First Grade based.


The area school districts have outstanding things to say about our children (parents tell us the wonderful things they say during assessments, or transitions to Kindergarten).  We have many parents who are teachers in our program, and they see the amazing benefit of a strong academic program in their children, also.  Our program is a very traditional education focus; our children play and have fun with our program, but we are not a play focused center.


Our focus is on positive communication.  Kids are kids and throughout the day; just like adults; children have moments of frustration, but all of that is normal.  When parents come to pick up, our program is not focused on any difficulties throughout the day, unless they see an obvious change in the child’s behavior, we tell them the positives–“they had a great day” or “they had fun during art time,” etc.  If a child is experiencing difficulties in our program, our management team addresses it with the parent and works together to help the parent, child and teaching staff.   If an incident happens at LN; a child bumps their head, or gets a scratch, etc, our management also reaches out to the parent to let them know what happened–ensuring the parent gets all of the information.

We also have a text platform that we can communicate with Parents easily during the day with any quick updates (and vice/versa)

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