Preschool is an important part of every developing child’s educational experience. At Little Newtons, our preschool program is one of the best. Our teacher-led curriculum model ensures that students are learning in a measurable way, and our team of loving teachers and staff have perfected the art of delivering engaging learning experiences in a developmentally appropriate way.

Baby School

Did you know that babies start to make connections to the world around them almost immediately after birth?

These first few connections usually revolve around who’s feeding them, but as they get a few weeks older, they start to pick up on the world around them. Exposure to different experiences and sensations through intentional play can build your baby’s synapses faster than ever before. 

At Little Newtons, our preschool education for babies is beyond compare. Our devoted staff will not only dote on your young one and give them all the care they need, but they’ll also start to expand your baby’s mind with new experiences and play. 


Toddlers learn at an impeccable rate. At Little Newtons, our toddler classes learn basic vocabulary in up to five languages that build their verbal processing skills at an amazing rate. Structured learning mixed with play and routine naps are the perfect recipe for a developing toddler. Learn more about Little Newtons preschool program today!


Research shows that building preschool literacy skills is about more than just reading books with them — although that’s still monumentally important. To create strong language skills in young children, they need to be exposed to explicit and intentional instruction. The preschool education teachers at Little Newtons are unmatched in their ability to instill a love of books in all children while also building their vocabulary through instruction.

Whether you have a newborn or are looking to give your child a head start before they enter k-12 education, Little Newtons will make sure your child is ready for kindergarten.