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Developmental Milestones Parents Should Look For

When it comes to your child’s development, daycare and childcare providers at Little Newtons are great sources of information. They can help you to identify important developmental milestones for your child, such as crawling, talking, and walking. Keeping track of these milestones can help you to assess how your child is progressing and adapt your parenting accordingly.

Developmental Milestones Parents Should Look For Infographic

baby wearing plaid shirt crawling on hardwood floor

Motor Milestones

Motor development is an important part of a child’s overall development and it can give parents an insight into their child’s growth and progress. Parents should look for signs that their child is rolling over, sitting up, crawling, beginning to walk, and holding objects.

baby playing with a stacking ring toy

Cognitive Milestones

Cognitive development includes important milestones such as the ability to recognize objects and people, remember events, understand language, and think logically. Other common milestones to look out for include recognizing familiar faces, engaging in pretend play, completing simple puzzles, following directions, and expressing ideas.

baby holding a phone up to her ear like she's talking

Language Milestones

When it comes to language development, some of the key milestones to keep an eye out for include your child’s first words, their ability to put two words together, and their ability to form simple sentences. It is also important to note that children develop at different rates, so it is essential to take each child’s individual development into account when assessing their language milestones.

baby smiling at another adult while sitting on his mother's lap

Social & Emotional Milestones

These milestones are the building blocks of your child’s future relationships and can help shape how they interact with their peers. Paying attention to how your child is responding to their environment can help you recognize signs of their development, such as smiling and responding to their name, playing with others, expressing emotions, and understanding and responding to different social cues.

Every parent wants to ensure that their child is developing healthily, and tracking developmental milestones is one way to check-in. Little Newtons staff are knowledgeable about the stages of child development and can help you keep track of your child’s progress. Schedule a tour today to see how we can make a difference with your child.

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