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frequently asked questions

At Little Newtons Early Education Centers, we often get asked the same questions. In order to help streamline your decision to enroll your children at our childcare centers, we’ve put together this handy frequently asked questions list! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us today.

Our academic focus sets us apart. Birth to age five is the most crucial time for learning, and our innovative curriculum sets children on the right path to education. Our students learn five languages, literacy, science, math, and art.

We love hearing the stories of our graduates! Parents tell us their children’s elementary school teachers say they are some of the most advanced learners in the classroom. A strong academic focus in their early years helps children get a head start on their education.

We use a text platform to communicate with parents and send quick updates. In addition, our families can download an app to review daily activities and the progress their child is making. Our focus is on positive communication and sharing stories of what they enjoyed and excelled at throughout the day. If a child is experiencing difficulties, our management team will work together with the parents, child, and teaching staff on a plan to help the child with the issue.