every child's brilliance

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every child's brilliance

Individualized Childcare

There is no “one size-fits all” for preschool education. Every child has their brilliance, and it’s our job as educators to find it, support and nurture it. Our parents rave about how we do this every day with a unique blend of love, care, rest, play and a personalized daycare curriculum.

It’s all designed to foster each child’s curiosity, and elevate their kindergarten-ready skills.

“In 9 months at Little Newtons childcare, our preschooler’s reading level, writing skills, and interest in learning, skyrocketed.”

5-year-old Justin’s Mom
“Teachers and staff really care about our son. They give their whole hearts to our children. They love and do so much for them.”
2-year-old Carl’s Mom

“The childcare staff is fantastic, and you can tell they truly care about the kids.”

4-year-old Quinn’s Mom
“The children are taught to be curious, and have the freedom to learn (structured or unstructured) about the world around them and play.”
1-year-old Isabella’s Mom

“We feel so confident as our son gets closer to kindergarten that he is ready. His teachers and preschool curriculum have been hugely impactful in that.”

5-year-old José’s Mom

“The magical combination of Montessori and Pre-K Academy is what made us fall in love with this childcare program.”

3-year-old Oliver’s Mom
“The tuition is affordable, and the care is consistent and dependable.”
4-year-old Zoe’s Mom

“The preschool is focused on open play, and especially as much play outside as possible.”

4-year-old Tyler’s Mom
“Our daughter is so excited to go to daycare every day, and it makes drop off much easier.”
2-year-old Emily’s Mom

Our Core Values

Our core values guide everything we do. Our childcare employees exemplify our core values in each interaction with students and their families. We believe in the following core values, early education daycare centers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois.


We stand by our program and deliver what we say we will deliver.

Passion for Education

We believe in providing an incredible preschool education experience to set children up for success.

Committed to Excellence

Our teachers and staff are constantly seeking out the best ways for our children to be successful.


We believe in being flexible and creative, continually developing and improving our childcare program to provide the best educational experience.


We hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism with our children and parents.


Children are capable of learning anything, and our daycare teachers are capable of delivering our curriculum to put them on the path to success.