based on the way kids learn

innovative curriculum

Classroom Environment

At our early education centers,  our innovative curriculum is based on the way children learn. Our graduates benefit from an exceptional classroom environment, giving them a head start to a lifetime of learning. Learn more about our innovative curriculum below and contact us today to schedule a tour!

We are not like most other childcare centers, which follow the child-directed model. These programs rarely set specific, concrete targets in terms of information that the students will learn and use. Instead, we follow a teacher-centered model, which prioritizes education. Research shows the benefits of students who attend academic-oriented centers. They outperform their peers in literacy and math by the time they graduate from kindergarten.

Features of our structured program include

Lesson Length

10-15 minute lessons to keep students focused and engaged


Five languages are taught every day — Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, & American Sign Language


Focus on Literacy, Math, Science, Art, & encyclopedic knowledge


We believe in being flexible and creative, continually developing and improving our program to provide the best educational experience.


We hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism with our students, parents, and coworkers.


Children are capable of learning anything, and our employees are capable of delivering our curriculum to put them on the path to success.