LN turns Eight!

Our anniversary is always an exciting day for numerous reasons.  But the biggest reason is reflecting on the “why” of Little Newtons.  Those that have been with the company for many years know the why and continue to deliver the mission.  The why is to change Early Childhood Education.  We are not a regular “daycare” or “childcare center,” but are highly academically focused.

Our Core Values are Integrity, Passion for Education, Committed to Excellence, Innovation, Professionalism, Capability. One of the reasons that I do most of the interviewing is because I really want to ensure the people coming on our team are able to fulfill the mission and philosophy of the program.  It’s super exciting to be part of something different.

Recently I spoke with KSTP about the importance of Teachers and how we at LN are constantly evolving to deliver the best education and care to ages 0-5 while supporting our staff and growing an engaging environment.  It can be challenging to grow something new and different but looking back on the last eight years, every person we have had on our team and every family that has enrolled has impacted Little Newtons in some way (which is one of our Code of Excellence Principles–your daily actions impact at least one other person).

Above is the KSTP interview and we look forward to another amazing eight years and continuing to deliver our Mission.


Many Thanks again to all of our staff, families and friends that have made our schools so incredible!



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