When I’m a Grandma

When I’m a Grandma


Grandparents are the best! They supply their grandkids with unconditional love, and they’re always willing to lend a helping hand when parents are in a jam. I am truly grateful for everything they do.

Someday, I hope to become a grandma myself and love a little bundle of joy in a new and special way. When I do enter grandparenthood, there are a few things I hope I don’t forget:

Every Diaper Counts A new parent probably changes 10-12 diapers every day. It may not seem like a big deal for a grandparent to handle one of those changes, but it is. During those blissful three minutes, parents get a chance to sit, maybe close their eyes and relax. Every diaper a grandparent changes is much appreciated.

Parents Are Sensitive Even the most well-meaning comments can send a sensitive parent into a tailspin of self-doubt. Especially in the early years, when parents are sleep deprived and unsure of just about everything. If a grandparent compliments a cute outfit, a parent can turn that into a pointed comment about how they’re paying too much for clothes. It may not make sense, but it’s real nonetheless. When I’m a grandma, I will remember to tread carefully on touchy topics.

Slow Down on Sugar Somehow grandparents seem to forget the rules they set when they were parents when it comes to sugar. I think it has to do with that big smile looking up at them when they hand over a cookie or piece of candy. I can’t say I blame them – it is a great joy to see that toothy grin on their faces. However, grandparents are long gone when it’s time to put that sugar-filled kid down for a nap. They don’t see the other side after giving a 3-year-old a full box of Oreos: the sugar rush and the bedtime meltdown.

Not Every Holiday Requires Gifts Again, this stems from grandparents’ desire to seize every opportunity spoil their grandkids. They will use any excuse to give gifts, but kids don’t need every toy they see at the store. Birthdays and Christmas are exceptions, not the norm. Kids don’t need gifts on Presidents’ Day, St. Patrick’s Day and the Fourth of July. If I can’t suppress the urge to buy my grandkids gifts on these holidays, I’ll stick with a book to teach them about the history of the holiday.

No Means No Once the kids get a little bigger, I understand the impulse to ask for another grandkid to love and spoil. But this is as decision only parents get to make. No means no!


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